Water Line Repair and Replacement

All of the water in your home is sourced through one water line running from your well or town’s main line. This line can develop small leaks or ruptures over time that can cause discolored and contaminated water, a drop in water pressure, and significant property damage due to a collecting pool of water.

A number of factors cause this damage including temperature fluctuations, ground movement, root intrusion and mineral build-up. We have all the tools and equipment to identify the source of the leak, repair the line and return your property back to normal.  

Fire Hydrant Repair and Replacement

In addition to needing regular maintenance fire hydrants will occasionally develop leaks, need to be moved for property improvements and need full replacement. We have the capability to perform repairs and replacements of fire hydrants that will pass inspection.  

Water Softener Systems

The benefits of a professionally installed water softener in your home are numerous. You and your family will feel the results with softer skin and hair, softer towels and clothes, the ability to use a milder soap, and longer lasting hair color.

Maybe more importantly, softened water will dramatically reduce hard water buildup that damages your plumbing. Your water using appliances will last longer, your hot water heater will perform more efficiently, and your plumbing will be better protected.  

Water Filtration Systems

In Massachusetts, we often find levels of water treatment chemicals that are not desirable, especially for drinking water. Although, to us, the number one benefit of water filtration systems is ensuring that water in your home is free from toxic chemicals, there are many others.

The rusty or blue-green stains on appliances and fixtures will disappear, water spots on your dishes will go away and your entire plumbing system will perform better for longer.

Lawn and Landscaping Irrigation

With our extensive knowledge of water systems and residential property, it only makes sense that we offer professionally installed irrigation systems. A properly watered lawn and landscape dramatically improves curb appeal. After we install your system, we also give you a full tutorial on your system so you have the knowledge we do.