Polybutylene Pipe Repair and Replacement Near The North Shore

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Polybutylene piping is a grey colored plastic pipe used to supply water in your home. In the 1970’s and early 90’s this type of piping was very common since it was considered a great alternative to copper piping. This is because easier to work with and much cheaper.

So what’s wrong with Polybutylene plumbing?

Homeowners started noticing small leaks behind drywall and mold growing behind walls throughout their homes. This resulted in damage to walls and flooring. While the Polybutylene piping looked fine from the outside, after about 10-15 years it would develop hairline fractures and cracks causing leaks behind walls.

Why you should I replace polybutylene piping?

It is recommended you re-pipe your home with PEX if you your home has polybutylene piping. PEX is the recommended replacement due to its ease of installation and durability. Fi

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